What Gift Should I Get My New Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

What Gift Should You Get Your New Boyfriend or Girlfriend? How Much is Too Much or Not Enough?

It’s the holidays and you’ve been enjoying all the best parts… beautiful lights, holiday music, cozy nights and the romance of the season. So what do you when the time arrives to exchange gifts?!

Should you expect a gift? Should you buy presents? Should you skip them or leave it up to chance? What if he doesn’t buy you a gift —or gives you a simple stocking stuffer?

Newly dating during the holidays can be totally romantic or totally disastrous if you let the expectations and pressure of gift giving sabotage your brand new relationship! In this video Charly gives you the goods on how to handle gift giving when you’re newly dating!

Use these tips so you can keep the focus on what really matters and see if your holiday romance can sizzle all year long!


There’s a reason that the holidays mark the beginning of one of the biggest break up times of the year. While some relationships were hanging by a thread before the season came along, others are fresh and totally vulnerable to unnecessary holiday pressure. Don’t let holiday commercial ads or morning TV show segments seduce you into using the wrong things to measure or assess your relationship!

Turn that topic that could stress or sabotage your new romance into something that brings you closer, and sets the stage for love to bloom big time in the New Year!



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