“Ms Fix It” on How to Introduce Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend to Your Family !


If your family hasn’t met your love interest yet —here’s 3 super simple tips from “Ms Fix It” on how to introduce your boyfriend or girlfriend to your family with less stress and greater ease !


If you watch The Bachelor…

…you saw the stress that too often comes hand in hand with the first meet and greet between your love and your loved ones.

If you’ve battled anxiety or found yourself feeling pressure when it’s time to bring ALL the people you love together, you’re not alone.  Unconscious motivators such as the desire for validation, affirmation or even justification of your relationship are extremely common culprits.

Clarify your goal and keep it simple. The way you approach the event sets the stage for what happens next. Your family will have their own ideas and beliefs regardless of what you want them to think, so don’t exhaust yourself by trying to control or manipulate their opinions. The more relaxed and calm you are, the easier it will be for your family to engage with your partner and see the qualities you’d like for them to recognize.

Reset by remembering that an introduction is only a beginning. It’s an opportunity for your family to begin getting to know the person you adore. Only time will tell your true story, and everyone who loves you will automatically have a front row seat as it unfolds. Let go and the truth will flow so everyone can more easily connect. Plus you’ll get a chance to see how your partner relates to your family as well as how your family connects with your partner.

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