Playing Hard to Get: Ask Ms Fix It


Charly aka “Ms Fix It” gives you the straight scoop on playing hard to get —and why it may not get you what you want in the dating realm!

*Also Find out the hidden reasons that cause you to play to hard to get…


If you think holding out will make him go all in, guess again…

While deliciously juicy magazine columns —even some written by men, will promise you greater interest from the man with whom you play hard to get, don’t believe the hype! Any solid guy who isn’t playing games will tell you that a woman who dangles the carrot of her affection for too long will surely get replaced with someone who’s more ripe on exploring a relationship.

Taking things slow is something we could definitely use more of in the dating realm, however the key to positioning yourself for success is to understand the difference between putting you first and playing hard to get. What do I mean by that? Well it’s simple. Getting to know someone takes time, and back when the majority of women required a man to take interest in them before getting physical, men expected to court a woman. Today the lines between men and woman are blurred in a number of different ways, which has made for a lot of confusion. Putting you first is all about being aware of what you want and being accountable by taking the actions and making the choices that help you get it.

In other words, if you’re looking for a fantastic relationship, it’s a great idea to take your time. However playing hard to get doesn’t prove who your partner is or tell you if that person is worthy of your affection. Only your willingness to keep your desires top of mind, and approach your dates with curiosity over how the potential partners you meet relate to the relationship experience you want will empower you with the answers you seek. Let your relationship unfold and stay curious throughout so all can be revealed to you in its truest state.

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