The Truth About Revenge Sex !

Is revenge sex really what it’s cracked up to be? Perhaps you’ve seen glitzy headlines about how one or more of your favorite single celebs had revenge sex with her ex. Oh how the media loves to glamorize choices like this and even slap an empowerment sticker on them —BUT it’s not their job to tell you the truth about what revenge sex really means for you and your love life.  So before you follow in those famous footsteps, there are some important things you ought to know if you truly want to be empowered in your sex life…


In today’s world it’s more crucial than ever to make sure the choices you make are yours —especially when it comes to your love life, thus revenge sex ! You’re inundated with images of celebrities, what they wear and who they date… without the truth about who they are or the real consequences of what they experience due to the choices they make. This is why you need to be savvy about what you take on board. The same media who promotes women’s empowerment and support for one another, brings you segments like “Who Wore it Best,” which ironically uses you to help pit woman against woman. The worst part of that however is that it encourages us to judge one another and even worse… compete, which brings me back to revenge sex !

Get the truth about revenge sex so you can approach your love life with power. If you’ve got an ex you can’t seem to leave behind, I can help you make the shift! —And whether you know the patterns you can’t shift, or have no idea what’s blocking your love life, I can help you fix that too. The key is to get your love life on track for the winning relationship you deserve and desire.

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All you need is the will, I’ve got the way.

Cheers to you living a life you love from the inside out ; )


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