3 Dating Beliefs that Increase Your Insecurities

NEWS FLASH: There are dating beliefs about what it takes to attract the partner and relationship you want, that increase your insecurities when you’re out there dating! This week on The Bachelorette we watched one of the guys let his insecurities get the best of him. He’s a super guy, yet once he started comparing himself to the other guys he lost total belief in himself. Does this ever happen to you? Have you found yourself excited about a date or a new relationship only to be overcome with your insecurities?

We all have insecurities, and yet we usually know what we want someone else to see and appreciate about us. So why is it so hard sometimes to keep the reality of who you are bigger than whoever you think you are not?  In this video I’m going to reveal 3 beliefs about what it takes to find love that empower your insecurities instead of your confidence. When these beliefs drive your approach to love, they cause you to compare, measure and perform. Even worse, you can talk someone out of dating you before they’ve even gotten started. Yikes!

Make sure these beliefs aren’t lurking in your subconscious so you can focus on what makes you fabulous you and share that with those you meet with confidence !


Our media presents virtually everything in a superficial way —especially dating and relationships, which is why it’s so important for you to be aware of what you’re picking up. The fabulous relationship you want is out there for you, and it likely doesn’t look like what you see modeled on TV, so don’t buy into the hype. The times may have changed, but what it takes to feel the love and enjoy a truly solid partnership that makes you feel good has not changed very much.

Watch out for these beliefs and ideas that make you question you and your value. Remember what those who care about you enjoy about you. Think about the qualities in you that you want someone else to see and appreciate about you. Then focus on meeting someone who values you and has the qualities you want to see in a partner. It’s about who you are and how you click organically, so don’t worry about those with whom you don’t have that connection with. Mine came from across the world in the most unexpected way —so you never know when or how.

If you feel off track in your love life or stuck in patterns that you can’t seem to shift out of, I can totally help you fix this in a private session. The relationship you deserve and desire is out there, and I will help you position yourself for it !

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All you need is the will, I’ve got the way.

Cheers to you living a life you love from the inside out ; )


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