Help the Election is Stressing Me Out !

If you’ve found yourself thinking: help the election is stressing me out…  your solution for more solace is right here!  

Every year the ads get nastier, the media gets more personal, and we the people are left trying to maintain a level of sanity. While many of you said you couldn’t wait for the election to be over so you could go back to focusing on your own lives… you’re not alone if you’re finding it difficult to capture that post election peace you were dreaming of.

The good news is I’ve got 3 simple steps to help you eliminate that election stress and take the power of your life back pronto!

Remember what is true and don’t fall prey to being the media’s piggy bank. You’re creating your story right now, and it will be a result of what you’re choosing to think about and focus on. Ask yourself how the way you’re focusing your time relates to the reality you want to be experiencing…

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong,

and start being curious about what could go right…


Times of change can easily, and sometimes unexpectedly trigger things from the past that can cause anxiety. I can easily help you identify the source of that anxiety and provide you with a simple, effective strategy for getting rid of it in a private session. Email me at to schedule your private consult, and we’ll take care it.

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All you need is the will, I’ve got the way.

Cheers to you living a life you love from the inside out ; )


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