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Charly aka Ms Fix It is Hip, Modern and Refreshingly Efficient...

Author of  “How To Date When You’re Famous” and “Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass”,  Charly is the ultimate resource for those of you who want to generate immediate results in all areas of life and love that last.

Simply put, if you have an issue in your career, relationships or love life, Charly will fix it with remarkable speed and thoroughness, so you're living the life you love rather than studying the one you don't.

Charly's personal story is as captivating as the speed and depth of her insights. It was after using her own instincts to transform her life following trauma that Charly became the result-focused resource for others that she couldn't find. She is masterful at "recycling" your experiences into pure power that paves the way to living a lifestyle you love personally and professionally. Most significantly she's excellent at helping you ensure harmony between the two for a truly rich life experience that delivers on every level. Today this modern day "Ms Fix It" is sought out by a clientele who extend from the west coast of California to the UK and Australia.

A total natural, Charly is unencumbered by the limitations that various self-help schools of thought present. As a result, her hip, efficient and entertaining style has attracted personal appearances on Fox LA, Fox News Boston, NBC, countless radio shows and E! network's reality show, “Opening Act,” where she brought her intuitive life changing skills to television.

Having always possessed a passion for business, Charly's hobbies include being a collector and purveyor of choice luxury accessories that also serve as alternative investment pieces. In addition she has an exclusive publishing arm through the company she co-founded, Opes Rex, LLC.

Her latest publication from Opes Rex, LLC is the first and only luxury reference coffee table book on Hermès, and its three most valuable collectible handbags. It is authored by long time Hermès curator and coveted resource of international collectors, Mr. Arnoud Last. Edited  by Charly and richly handcrafted in Europe, Vintage Hermès 1837-2000 is an exquisite work of art that is available worldwide.

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Time is precious. I'll help you live a lifestyle you love

instead of studying the one you don't.”  ~Charly

Dating and Relationship Advice for Real Results that Last

Use Those Mr. Wrongs to Help You Attract Your Ultimate Love Relationship!

Feeling frustrated about falling short of the results you wanted? Wondering how you wound up with yesterday's catch? Have ever you dreamed of a fabulous and fulfilling relationship only to find yourself floundering in the face of love...? The truth is, despite having excelled in the workplace, penetrating virtually every industry, many women still struggle to master the "business of relationships."

I met the love of my life over the age of 40 following every step and dating tip contained in this book! Like non-fiction for the Sex & the City crowd, Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass focuses solely on results with a set of simple, specific steps that will empower you to own who you are, in and out of the dating process!


What can you learn from Matt Damon and his wife Luciana? What notes can you take from the Kristen Stewart-Rob Pattinson scandal? What insightful tidbit did LeBron James’ off the court move to the Miami Heat reveal?

If you’ve ever wanted to date a high profile personality, you won’t want to miss the valuable information that Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence shared with Barbara Walters... These are just a few of the real life examples I’m going to recycle into valuable insight you can use to direct your dating life with power.

Whether you’re famous and dating or wanting to date someone who’s famous, there are specific things you can do on both sides of the red carpet to minimize the drama and maximize the sizzle for serious satisfaction. This book will show you how.


You can boost satisfaction and success in any area of your life quickly.

Life is for living well. Call me and we'll make it happen.”  ~Charly

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