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Got Problems? I FIX THEM !

   From Your Personal to Professional Life —I'll Help You Live A Lifestyle You Love!

In today's sea of self help coaches and authors, Charly Emery, aka "Ms Fix It", stands out as possessing the unique ability to solve your problems and shift your self sabotaging patterns in life and love with remarkable speed and thoroughness. Click here for Ms Fix It video tips

It's simple. If you have an issue in your career, relationships or love life, Charly will fix it, and fast. From videos, books and savvy columns to appearances through online mediums and national TV programs, Charly Emery is the ultimate partner for those of you who want to experience the best life and love have to offer.

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Charly Emery aka Ms Fix It Stress Less
Ms Fix It Put You First

Put You First

From reinventing yourself and re-positioning you for a more fulfilling work life with balance, to stronger friendships and fabulous love relationships, "Ms Fix It" is the ultimate resource to help you get it done. How "Ms Fix It" can help you...

Charly is a natural, refreshingly efficient and unencumbered by the limitations that various self-help schools of thought present. It was after using her own instincts to transform her life following trauma that Charly became the result-focused resource for others that she couldn’t find. She helps you grasp exactly what it means to unselfishly Put You First, and how to do so for a truly rich life experience that delivers on every level personally and professionally. Learn more

Charly also met the love of her life over 40. She knows firsthand what singles, divorcées & women over 40 looking for love today face —and what it takes for them to attract love. Her strategic dating handbook, “Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass—Use Those Mr. Wrongs to Lead You Straight to Mr. Right” has been called the bible of relationships by readers. “How to Date When You're Famous” was inspired by the high profile clientele whose love lives she's transformed, and delivers straightforward advice for stars, rising stars and the people who date them.



Luxury Investment Pieces & Publishing

Through Opes Rex LLC Charly outfits her continuously growing circle of international retail clients with choice luxury investment accessories and collectible conversation pieces for estate & business properties. Serving an elite clientele who range from celebrities and public figures, to discriminating collectors, buyers and sellers, in conjunction with her European partner, Charly provides the highest level of personal service that combines exquisite pieces with expert investment advice and design direction where applicable.

On the publishing side Opes Rex celebrates its launch of Vintage Hermès 1837-2000, an exquisitely designed coffee table book on the evolution of the three most coveted Hermès handbag models; the Birkin, the Constance and the Kelly. Written by the foremost international expert on vintage Hermès handbags, it’s THE ultimate resource to help you authenticate any vintage and pre-loved addition to your Hermès collection.

Guest Appearances

Charly's guest appearences extend from notable news programs and talk shows to a guest starring role on "Opening Act" for E! Network.

On "Opening Act", Charly showed the remarkable speed at which her cutting edge intuitive skills can help people identify blocks and break patterns that have been holding them back for decades.

With rapid speed Charly helped prolific recording artist, Von Smith, free himself of lifelong anxieties that had up until then been sabotaging his success. Von went on to deliver a no holds barred performance opening for Lady Gaga in Australia, and today Von is flourishing personally and professionally.

Performing Artist Von Smith with Charly
Performing Artist Von Smith with Charly

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