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“Ms Fix It” on How To Create Chemistry with Someone !

Ms Fix It on How to Create Chemistry with someone

  Chemistry is King when it comes to attraction and long term satisfaction —here’s Charly, aka Ms Fix It on How to Create Chemistry with Someone… Also: Find out how to save yourself time, plus avoid ’emotionally investing’ in a relationship that will bring you unnecessary heartache !   If you watch The Bachelor… …you…

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“Ms Fix It” on How To Win Over A Guy !

Ms Fix It On How to Win Over a Guy !

  If you’re looking for the inside scoop on how to land your Mr. Right —you don’t want to miss this video from Charly, aka Ms Fix It on How to Win Over A Guy ! Also: Find out what 3 things women fall prey to when trying to win over a man…   Month…

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“Ms Fix It” on What Valentine’s Day Gift to Get!

Ms Fix It on What to Valentines Day gift to get

  If you’re starting to stress about what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, Charly aka Ms Fix It, is here with three simple guidelines to help you make it fabulous! Flowers? Chocolates? Teddy Bears? Jewelry? What gift is the RIGHT gift?   If you think Valentine’s Day is the right day to “test”…

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“Ms Fix It” on How to Deal with Insecure Jealous Friends

How to deal with Insecure jealous friends

  If you’ve encountered BFF drama, here’s Charly, aka Ms Fix It on how to deal with insecure jealous friends in three simple steps ! Despite regular talk about women’s empowerment and solidarity, incidents of betrayal and drama between female friends continues to be on the rise… If you think the Real Housewives of any…

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“Ms Fix It” on How to Attract A Good Woman!

How To Attract A Good Woman

  Back by demand for the guys, here’s Ms Fix It on how to attract a good woman! Are you finding it easier to build your career than your love life?  Are you struggling to find a good woman? If you want more from your love life, here are four tips you can use on…

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How to Deal With Post Holiday Blues and Get Motivated in the New Year!

How to Deal With Post Holiday Blues & Get Motivated in the New Year

  Got a case of the post holiday blues? Have you found yourself feeling more struggle than strength when it comes to your new year’s resolutions? If you’re suddenly feeling less motivated and more exhausted this year, you are NOT alone!       Whether you turn on your TV, flip through your cell phone…

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How to Lose Weight Successfully in 2016!

How To Lose Weight Successfully

Are you ready to learn how to lose weight successfully and make your weight loss resolution a reality? Lose Weight Successfully in 2016 with these Simple & Effective Strategies If you’ve found yourself falling short of your weight loss goals —you’re NOT alone! By my early twenties I’d become a yo-yo dieting pro with attempt…

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The #1 Secret to Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick!

secret to making your new year's resolutions stick

What’s the REAL key to making your new year’s resolutions stick? Should you keep your goals short term? Share them with a friend? Start a ritual of morning affirmations? Every year the media is all too happy to tell us what we need to do to make our new year’s resolutions a reality. From morning…

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How to Handle Holidays with Family

how to handle holidays with family

If you want to keep your stress level down this season, here are some simple tips on how to handle holidays with family ! Every year we are inundated with heartwarming commercials, ads and movies suggesting that if it’s the holidays, our family gatherings are sure to be wonderful moments that will create memories that…

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What Gift Should I Get My New Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

what should I get my new boyfriend or girlfriend

What Gift Should You Get Your New Boyfriend or Girlfriend? How Much is Too Much or Not Enough? It’s the holidays and you’ve been enjoying all the best parts… beautiful lights, holiday music, cozy nights and the romance of the season. So what do you when the time arrives to exchange gifts?! Should you expect…

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