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Can Love Between an Older Man Younger Woman Last ?

He wants to know: Can love between an older man and younger woman last?  This question came in from a great guy who follows my posts and I love it for a couple of reasons. First of all for my fellow fabulous females over 40 who often tell yourselves most men want to date younger……

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The Truth About Revenge Sex !

Is revenge sex really what it’s cracked up to be? Perhaps you’ve seen glitzy headlines about how one or more of your favorite single celebs had revenge sex with her ex. Oh how the media loves to glamorize choices like this and even slap an empowerment sticker on them —BUT it’s not their job to…

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Playing Hard to Get: Ask Ms Fix It

  Charly aka “Ms Fix It” gives you the straight scoop on playing hard to get —and why it may not get you what you want in the dating realm! *Also Find out the hidden reasons that cause you to play to hard to get…   If you think holding out will make him go…

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