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Playing Hard to Get: Ask Ms Fix It

  Charly aka “Ms Fix It” gives you the straight scoop on playing hard to get —and why it may not get you what you want in the dating realm! *Also Find out the hidden reasons that cause you to play to hard to get…   If you think holding out will make him go…

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“Ms Fix It” on How To Create Chemistry with Someone !

  Chemistry is King when it comes to attraction and long term satisfaction —here’s Charly, aka Ms Fix It on How to Create Chemistry with Someone… Also: Find out how to save yourself time, plus avoid ’emotionally investing’ in a relationship that will bring you unnecessary heartache !   If you watch The Bachelor… …you…

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“Ms Fix It” on How To Win Over A Guy !

  If you’re looking for the inside scoop on how to land your Mr. Right —you don’t want to miss this video from Charly, aka Ms Fix It on How to Win Over A Guy ! Also: Find out what 3 things women fall prey to when trying to win over a man…   Month…

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