Should We Spend the Holidays Together?!

Is It Time for You to Spend the Holidays Together? How Soon is TOO Soon?

You’re newly dating —or maybe you’ve been dating for a while but have never spent a holiday together… What do you do this time around?

Funny how the holidays can be totally romantic and utterly frightening at the same time! There’s the awkwardness of gift giving, and then the question of suggesting a joint celebration or staying solo.

Ease your stress and remove the pressure with these straightforward tips on how to handle this situation and have plenty to celebrate this holiday season!

There’s nothing better than using your intuition and following your instincts —which is why it’s so important not to “make stuff up” and interrupt your ability to sense what is best for you.

Maximize the fun and romance you can have this holiday season, it only comes once a year after all.



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