How to Handle Holidays with Family

If you want to keep your stress level down this season, here are some simple tips on how to handle holidays with family !

Every year we are inundated with heartwarming commercials, ads and movies suggesting that if it’s the holidays, our family gatherings are sure to be wonderful moments that will create memories that last a lifetime…

So what if your family is anything but the relaxed, peaceful and nostalgia loving ensemble you see on television? How do you make the most of time spent together without losing your mind or needing a holiday to recover from your holiday?

Believe it or not, flipping the script is easier than you might think.

Use these super simple and straightforward tips to reduce your stress level and up the entertainment value on your family holiday!


There’s a reason that the holidays create anxiety —and it’s not your fault! For weeks your consciousness is bombarded with messages that seduce you into believing those you know best will suddenly discard all those habits and behaviors that drive you crazy and magically morph into your ideal family ready to provide you with the perfect holiday experience. Seriously?! This could not be more of an illusion. Our family is our family 365 days a year, and we are much better off to remember that so we are clear about what it takes to bring out the best in each other.

Get real, let the unimportant things go and make your holiday with your family as entertaining as it can be!



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