How to Deal With Post Holiday Blues and Get Motivated in the New Year!


Got a case of the post holiday blues? Have you found yourself feeling more struggle than strength when it comes to your new year’s resolutions?

If you’re suddenly feeling less motivated and more exhausted this year, you are NOT alone!




Whether you turn on your TV, flip through your cell phone or try to surf the web, you’ll find yourself flooded with headlines and directives on making this “the best year”, creating “the best life” and being “the best you” ever!

They are not only exhausting, but also create a tremendous amount of subconscious pressure that translates into pure exhaustion.

Put you first and take back your life this year with these 3 simple tips on how to use your post holiday blues to help you get motivated and ease into the new year… 

Making the new year a fabulous year is not a sprint that has to take place in the first two weeks or month of the year. It’s gradual. You envision what you want to shift, ease into the year with actions you can be consistent with and enjoy yourself as you continue to move forward.

Then at year end you can celebrate how you’ve grown and look over the year as a whole.

Resist getting trapped on the hamster wheel and chasing life throughout 2016 when you could be living it more fully instead.

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Cheers to an outstanding 2016!


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