“Ms Fix It” on How to Deal with Insecure Jealous Friends


If you’ve encountered BFF drama, here’s Charly, aka Ms Fix It on how to deal with insecure jealous friends in three simple steps !

Despite regular talk about women’s empowerment and solidarity, incidents of betrayal and drama between female friends continues to be on the rise…

If you think the Real Housewives of any city have something to offer when it comes to etiquette and resolving conflict… guess again.




If you watch any of the Real Housewives shows, you’ve seen that regardless of the real estate, insecurity and jealousy between women creates some serious drama.

Even worse you’ve seen how those Real Housewives deal with the drama they send back and forth to each other, despite claiming to be friends. Enjoy the entertainment, but delete the lessons on etiquette, class and respect when you clear your DVR.

While most of us don’t have to worry about exquisitely prepared dinner parties turning into all out verbal brawls, cheeky behavior between female friends is on the rise. Even worse, the behavior modeled on these reality shows is affecting how we see friendship in addition to what we think is a reasonable way to deal with that drama.

Put you first with these simple steps and raise the bar on your friendships.

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Cheers to the best friendships life has to offer!


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