“Ms Fix It” on What Valentine’s Day Gift to Get!


If you’re starting to stress about what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, Charly aka Ms Fix It, is here with three simple guidelines to help you make it fabulous!

Flowers? Chocolates? Teddy Bears? Jewelry? What gift is the RIGHT gift?


If you think Valentine’s Day is the right day to “test” or “measure” the quality of your relationships based on what your partner gives you… do you and your relationship a favor with these simple —and potentially relationship saving tips!

Valentine’s Day is about expressing your feelings, not proving them. Retailers would much rather have you believing that the right gift will get you everywhere while the wrong gift could ruin your relationship. This could not be further from the truth!

In fact, the few weeks surrounding Valentine’s Day comprise the peak break up time of the year  —but it’s not the gifts that are to blame. More often it is the pressure brought on by unrealistic expectations and the misconceptions that people form about this one simple day that is the culprit. So don’t fall prey to this love dimming, peace stealing, insecurity creating expectation of Valentine’s Day!

Remember what Valentine’s Day is about so it can be special for both of you. Keep it sacred and express how you feel to each other in sweet and kind ways. Don’t be one-sided and certainly don’t “test” your partner or use a gift to measure your love. Let’s face it, you already know what’s going on in your relationship. If it’s great than you’ll have a special day no matter what you do —if it’s not,  that Valentine’s Day is nothing but a band-aid to help you stay in denial for a little longer.

If you’re looking for ways to re-ignite the passion, I can help. If you’re feeling stuck in your relationship, or want to raise the bar on your enjoyment, I can help you fix that situation too! They don’t call me “Ms Fix It” for nothing.

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Cheers to the best friendships life has to offer!


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