“Ms Fix It” on How To Create Chemistry with Someone !


Chemistry is King when it comes to attraction and long term satisfaction —here’s Charly, aka Ms Fix It on How to Create Chemistry with Someone…

Also: Find out how to save yourself time, plus avoid ’emotionally investing’ in a relationship that will bring you unnecessary heartache !


If you watch The Bachelor…

…you saw Becca having a heart to heart with Bachelor Ben in which she openly told him that she knew she wasn’t getting from him the same thing that she witnessed him sharing with the other women emotionally.

In one word Becca was talking about was CHEMISTRY, and she knew that she and Ben didn’t have it in the way they needed it in order for anything serious to blossom between them.

Attraction can trip you up since it can take place without chemistry. The problem is attraction also dissipates without chemistry, which can leave you scrambling for something that is beyond your control, and blaming yourself for something that is not your fault.

Give yourself more by staying curious and being realistic about what is taking place after the initial attraction phase. If you need help getting your love life on track for the winning relationship you desire, I will help you.

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