Ms Fix It: 3 Reasons Why You May Be Missing Out on Romance


Let Charly, aka “Ms Fix It” bring courtship back to your dating life with 3 Reasons Why You May Be Missing Out on Romance !


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Where has all the romance gone…

Sadly women have had a lot to do with where the romance has gone in the dating realm. Women’s libbers told us that the path to equality was casual sex among other things —and if you think the increase in happy hookups hasn’t had an impact on the rising numbers of men who prefer drinks followed by nightcaps to dinners and conversations, guess again.

Still the good news is there are plenty of men out there ready to open your door, treat you with respect and invest in getting to know you before trying to take you home. While times have changed some of the simplest things haven’t —like the fact that they way you present yourself has a lot to do with whom and what you attract.

Much of what you read and see in the media on women’s empowerment is exactly what could be dis-empowering your love relationships. Put you first and follow your instincts. Remember that in order to enjoy a fabulous relationship you must be what you seek and give in similar ways you want to receive.

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