How to Know Someone is the Right One !


Do you know HOW to know someone is the right one for you? 

Too often the fear of not knowing how to know if someone is the right one for you blocks you from recognizing the very potential for great love that you’re craving. In this video, Charly aka “Ms Fix It” gives you 4 simple, yet key points to help you boost your confidence and make choices in your love life that will bring you the fabulous love relationship you desire!


If you think instant over the top attraction is the way to know someone is the right one for a passionate, long term relationship, guess again…

You’ve seen it plenty of time in the movies. The air is so thick with electricity that you can barely breathe as you watch the passion explode in a well scripted, virtually predictable series of maneuvers that almost always includes one of the lovers bumping the other up against the wall. —Honestly, why do we even respond to that same old routine anymore as if it’s a sign of authentic attraction and chemistry?

Joking aside, the sad truth is that too many of us have fallen prey to the Hollywood insinuations of what potential true love looks like instead of realizing that in the real world, most of the best AND most passionate loving relationships started out more like a question than an answer.

The media is all too happy to promote divorce stats and negative dating & relationship trends along with absurd ideas about how you can “train” or manipulate your partner into the relationship of your dreams. Unfortunately most of what you see is only creating a disconnect in your love relationships that compromises your results. The day I took my life back from the pressures, trends, expectations and images that the media projects on us all, is the day that I set myself up for the dream relationship I desired, and you can too.

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All you need is the will, I’ve got the way.

Cheers to the best life and love have to offer ; )


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