The Bachelorette: Fear of Getting Your Heart Broken

Is your fear of getting your heart broken dominating your love life? Did you know that the more you talk about your fear of getting your heart broken like JoJo Fletcher on The Bachelorette, the greater your chances of experiencing it?

The truth is you can meditate on having a fabulous relationship, visualize it and even do affirmations around success in your love life. However, if your fear of getting your heart broken is bigger than your desire and willingness to let go and go for it, you’re going to block what you do want and bring about what you don’t want.  —Still there’s even more to it than you realize. Find out the little known secret about what sparks your fear and makes the heartbreak you feel so intense…


In today’s world it’s more crucial than ever to be clear about what’s driving you to think what you think and do what you do. The only way to make sure that you’re on track for experiencing what you want is to also be sure the choices you make are yours —especially when it comes to your love life !

Watch out for these associations that cause you to feel that there’s much more on the line than a potential relationship with someone. Don’t forget that the way someone feels about you is never a reflection of what is possible overall in your love life. If you’re stuck in patterns that you can’t seem to shift out of, or you can’t find a way to get past your fear, I can totally help you fix this in a private session. The key is to get your love life on track for the ultimate relationship you deserve and desire, and I will help you do it !

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All you need is the will, I’ve got the way.

Cheers to you living a life you love from the inside out ; )


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