Can Love Between an Older Man Younger Woman Last ?

He wants to know: Can love between an older man and younger woman last? 

This question came in from a great guy who follows my posts and I love it for a couple of reasons. First of all for my fellow fabulous females over 40 who often tell yourselves most men want to date younger… this is another super guy who prefers to date a woman over 40 who is close to his age. He’s asking this question since he’s having trouble meeting someone his age, and is wondering whether he should open his dating parameters to the younger women who are expressing interest.

Second I love this question because many of you will benefit from making adjustments to your dating criteria, though I understand it can be tricky to find the line between flexibility and sacrifice…

Whether you’re exploring age, or trying to assess your outlook and open your perspective for better results, tune in for the piece of advice that cuts through all the hype and makes things easy for you!


The more you know of you and what you desire to feel in a relationship, the closer you are to attracting it. Taking the moments to honestly listen to your own desires and recognize what interests, and excites you clears the path for what you want. It also makes it so easy for you to recognize it when it’s standing in front of you. Especially since love often shows up differently than you imagine it will.

Use your desires as your compass. The love you desire will never require you to sacrifice your fulfillment. It may challenge the ideas you’ve held onto about what will create the fulfillment you crave. However love will never require you to experience less enjoyment than you want for yourself in order to have a relationship. Doing so is a choice that you make –often when you don’t trust that you can have the experience you really want.

Love you first, and you will inevitably experience the love with another that you look forward to.

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All you need is the will, I’ve got the way.

Cheers to you living a life you love from the inside out ; )


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