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Dating and Relationship Advice for Real Results that Last

Use Those Mr. Wrongs to Help You Attract Your Ultimate Love Relationship!

Feeling frustrated about falling short of the results you wanted? Wondering how you wound up with yesterday's catch? Have ever you dreamed of a fabulous and fulfilling relationship only to find yourself floundering in the face of love...? What if you can actually use your past relationships to help you attract the one you crave most —and bounce your emotional baggage to the curb?!

The truth is you can recycle your Mr. Wrongs into the incredible Mr. Right you will love! As women we need to take notice. Despite having excelled in the workplace, and penetrating virtually every industry, many of us still struggle to master the "business of relationships." Are you struggling to have the partner and relationship you truly want? If so this book gives you the straight scoop on how to get the results you want.

I met the love of my life over the age of 40 following every step and dating tip contained in this book! Like non-fiction for the Sex & the City crowd, Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass focuses solely on results with a set of simple, specific steps that will empower you to own who you are, in and out of the dating process!


What can you learn from Matt Damon and his wife Luciana? What notes can you take from the Kristen Stewart-Rob Pattinson scandal? What insightful tidbit did LeBron James’ off the court move to the Miami Heat reveal?

If you’ve ever wanted to date a high profile personality, you won’t want to miss the valuable information that Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence shared with Barbara Walters... These are just a few of the real life examples I’m going to recycle into valuable insight you can use to direct your dating life with power.

Whether you’re famous and dating or wanting to date someone who’s famous, there are specific things you can do on both sides of the red carpet to minimize the drama and maximize the sizzle for serious satisfaction. This book will show you how.


Has your dip in the online dating world left you feeling out in the cold when it comes to today's dating world? Did you know that getting a large number of emails  from other online daters is a sign that you need to change your profile? that with some very simple yet important shifts, you can also shift your results?

Online dating can work when you know how to work it. I've used it successfully in the past myself, and the key to your success is recognizing that online dating is indeed a "tool". That also means that if you don't use it properly, it won't work for you the way you want it to.

In this very simple set of audio tips, you'll learn exactly how to position yourself in the strongest way for the results you desire. Whether online, in your car or at the gym on your ipod, you'll get the straight scoop on everything from the role and importance of your profile pictures to creating a profile that will help you accomplish what you want instead of hindering your results!


Do you ever wish you could easily find that quote that made all the difference in how you look at your love life? Would you like a simple yet powerful reminder to help you stay on track for love? Looking for a quick reminder on what it means to love and put you first?

Like Cliffs Notes for my coveted dating handbook, Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass—Use Those Mr. Wrongs to Lead You Straight to Mr. Right, this "Ultimate Relationship E-Guide" is loaded with all the Charlyisms you'll love. It also gives you a summary of my savvy step-by-step strategy for mastering the business of attracting the fabulous relationship you desire!

Whether you use it to help you keep your focus, shift self-sabotaging patterns, stay on track for attracting the relationship you desire, or all of the above —This Ultimate Relationship E-Guide will help you own who you are in and out of the dating and relationships realm!


Have you seen photos of your favorite celebs carrying their sought after Birkin and Kelly bags? Would like to own your own piece of the Hermès legacy? What if you could have a visual treasure trove of Hermès handbags at your fingertips... and add a fabulous pop to your interior decor?

From my beloved partner, long time Hermès curator and coveted international resource on Hermès handbags comes the first and only luxury reference coffee table book on Hermès, and the Birkin, the Constance and the Kelly. Vintage Hermès 1837-2000 is handcrafted in Europe with classic book making techniques, special embossing and more than 330 thick high gloss pages featuring a treasure trove of vibrant images including some handbags never before seen. A luxury reference guide that also provides an incomparable look into the evolution of the three most valuable collectible handbags in the Hermès line, this luxurious coffee table book is the ultimate addition to the home or office for every fashion, art, luxury buff and Hermès connoisseur alike.



You can boost satisfaction and success in any area of your life quickly.

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