From your personal life and relationships,

to your career and living agelessly...

I will help you boost the way you feel.



My Specialties & How I Can Help You

Dating & Relationships

Frustrated with dating? Afraid that love is never going to happen? I met the love of my life over 40, and from over 70 to twenty-something, I've helped countless others fix their love lives. I will position you to attract the fabulous relationship you desire.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Is progress stunted? Do too many discussions turn into arguments? Whether in the business or personal sphere,  I will quickly get to the source of conflict and help you reach a resolution with insight that strengthens your productivity & relationship.

Personal Renewal Boost

Feeling overwhelmed? Fatigued? Struggling with weight? I have easy yet effective ways to clear out the heaviness, boost your energy, regain your confidence, and refresh your excitement about you and your life inside and out!

Stress Sourcing

Do you want to lower your stress levels? The fastest most effective way is revealing what drives you to make the choices that create it. Through targeted stress sourcing I'll remove the mystery and give you clear, simple steps so you can take your life back.

Relationship Rescue for Couples

Is your relationship suffering? Becoming strangers? Ignore things and you could end up single with the same problem while dating. I'll help you clear the past and reset for a deeper, more exciting partnership than you've ever had.

Identity & Adolescent Angst

Are those mood swings hormones or a growing insecurity? As an intuitive and former nanny, I'll provide your child, tween and teenager with insight, awareness and an exceptional sense of self that will help them own who they are with true confidence.

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